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25 weeks pregnant

The previous 24. part of our series “pregnancy week by week” pointed out that it is important not to eat for two but in high quality during pregnancy. Let’s read more recommendations that open up the 25. week of pregnancy.

25 weeks pregnant

Two weeks left until the end of the second trimester. You are supposed to be tested on diabetes in the 25th week of pregnancy. Your stomach and other organs are overstrained during the pregnancy. If they function is weaken diabetes may develop during pregnancy.

Disorders of glucose metabolism are fairly common in the second half of pregnancy. They occur in 3 to 7 percent, with the fact that more threatened are older women, those with overweight and also those having diabetes in the family. More endangered are also mothers who have given birth to a child heavier than four kilograms in the past.

Fortunately, pregnancy diabetes in most cases disappear after the delivery, even if the risk of future diabetes still persists. The blood sugar level is kept within the limits by means of a diet and special drugs.

All this happens predominantly because of the baby. It could be too big in regular birth term which may cause complications. Moreover, diabetes may cause dysfunction of the placenta.

What happens in week 29?

The baby grows more and more. But it needs to achieve 15 more cm by the due date. Proportions of the facial and brain parts of the head get more balanced.

The face has grown up. The eyes are in place and wait for the eyelids to open. This will happen in a couple of weeks. The earl lobe grows. If you expect a baby boy, his testicles begin to descend into the bag. The vaginal cavity develops in baby girls.

The heart of the child beats so strong that it can even be heard in right position by another person through the belly. The baby can smile, it yawns or hiccups from time to time. Independently on your will, the handedness of your baby it is to be decided around 25 week of pregnancy. Your baby is born a left-handed or a right-handed so do not try to teach her the other way round in the future.

Week 25 is over

There begin to branch bronchi in the lungs, but the baby would not be able to breath after the birth. It still lacks enough surfactants i.e., a substance that would prevent the lungs to completely deflate after the exhalation. The baby measures around 22 cm from the top of the head to the bottom, and 12 cm more including the legs in the 25th week of pregnancy. Three weeks more and you will carry the fetus as heavy as a kilo of flour. Now it weighs just 700 grams but it already makes a difference. No wonder that you child starts to push on your ribs as it compresses parts of you digestive system. Your womb could be compared to a soccer ball at this stage.

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