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26 weeks pregnant

There begin to branch bronchi in the lungs, but the baby would not be able to breath after the birth. We said more in the 25. part of “pregnancy week by week.” Now, sit back and read what to be careful about in the 26. week of pregnancy.

26 weeks pregnant

You should really be careful about yourself from the 26th week of pregnancy. The center of gravity has changed, so you should rather not climb anywhere. You should also take into consideration having enough space around you and avoid squeezing in crowds. It is also advisable to leave your high heel shoes in the closet. Don’t be afraid of your elegance, there are many manufacturers producing health shoes having very nice models. Check out offers in drugstores. And once you are there, you can also ask for appropriate preparations for heartburn.

Heartburn may start to annoy you soon because the enlarged womb pushes your stomach up. So the gastric juices will have a shorter and easier way to the gullet.

Before you start using any proven pharmaceutical preparations, try to eat small portions of less spiced meal several times a day, avoid sweets and sour fizzy drinks.

What happens in the week 26?

Your baby hears much better now. Her ear nerves are more sensitive than in the previous weeks. Besides you, the baby can hear also the people who talk with you. The eyes are now fully prepared for looking around the world, but they will rather have to wait some time. However, they start to open at the moment. The baby recognizes dark and light. The fetus is now mainly focused on the accumulation of body fat and gaining muscle mass.

Week 26 is over

You may have noted that you breathe much harder than before. You cannot run up the stairs as swiftly as a doe but you rather breathe heavily and rock from side to side. Do not be surprised. You have probably gained on weight again and also keep on mind that the breathing rate increases by about 10 breaths per minute. In addition, you inhale much more oxygen as you and the baby need it more than before.

Unfortunately, your diaphragm is compressed by the growing womb so the lungs cannot stretch as much as it is needed so you often get out of breath in the pregnancy.

The fetus has grown again, it measure 23 cm from the top of the head to the bottom and 35 cm including legs. The baby sits in Turkish, so your belly is not that big. Your baby now weighs between 800 and 850 grams.

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