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27 weeks pregnant

Maybe you are already bothered by heartburn which was mentioned in the 26. part of “pregnancy week by week” so don’t forget to follow the tips on proper eating. Let’s look on the week 27 now.

27 weeks pregnant

You may have not expected your pregnancy to pass so quickly. You have entered the third trimester now.
You have gained 6 to 7 kilos as an average woman and there is also one more kilo for the baby.

The baby has already a high chance to survive in case it needs to leave your viscera in a preterm. But you start to feel a little worse. Not only your outfit has changed but your feet often hurt and you have nearly forgotten what agility means. You get tired easily. Needless to mention that you also easily get out of breath. Even so, feel free to exercises as much as possible. Focus on special exercises for pregnant women. The easiest way how to learn them is in a maternity course. In case you do not prefer sessions with similarly plump women, you can try to go to a bookstore or a library to look for an appropriate guide.

What happens in the week 27?

There is lesser space for the baby in the womb in the 27th week of pregnancy. It grows rapidly and so it takes longer to turn around or upside down in the womb. So the baby soon finds a comfortable position to settle down. Little fingers already have small nails but they do not reach ends of the fingers yet. The baby still has a lot of wrinkles but they are gradually filled with subcutaneous fat. The skin is covered with a thicker layer of vernix.

Week 27 is over

The fetus starts practicing breathing in in the 27 week of pregnancy. It has no other chance than to take advantage of the amniotic fluid. It inhales, exhales and also swallows the fluid. The baby measures 24 cm from the top of the head to the bottom and 37 – 38 cm to the feet. It weights about 1 kilo now, but it is going to put on 2 an a half times more during the last 13 weeks.

Due to the growing new life inside you, your blood circulation goes through changes. Not only beats your heart faster, approximately 15 beats per minute more, but also the blood volume increased.

The blood increased of about one third. Also the ratio of red blood cells, white blood cells and the blood plasma vary. Cholesterol level also increased in the blood.

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