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28 weeks pregnant

Changes of your blood circulation in pregnancy were described in the 27. part of “pregnancy week by week.” Today, we are waiting for further interesting information.

28 weeks pregnant

Maybe it has already happened to you. People let you sit in the public transport without asking. Your belly is so noticeable that you can already take advantage of the VIP lounges at stations of major cities which are in addition to the pregnant, dedicated to first class passengers.

On the other hand, it is quite possible that you will not need such benefits at all because traveling is situated at the end of the list of your activities at the moment. You rather feel tired and head to your gynecologist. You are almost like at home here as the intervals of your visits significantly shortened.

What happens in the week 28?

Your womb is on the half way between the navel and the breastbone in the week 28. It therefore pushes on the inner organs which might be annoying. Movements of the baby can be observed in the mirror. Not completely though, but the baby’s outlines are noticeable through the abdominal wall. The skin stretches and the head is outlined, a foot or a tiny hand sometimes pushes out.

Because of the fact that the eyelids are already separated the baby winks. The skin of the baby starts to get pinkish in the week 28 which is associated with formation of connective tissues and storing of subcutaneous fat. Skin glands and also mammary glands start to develop.

The whole body is covered with vernix, which prevents the baby from maceration in the amniotic fluid. Bones of the fetus also grow and get stronger.

Week 28 is over

The baby has 95% chance of survival in case it has to leave the safety of the mother’s body earlier once week 28 has passed. However, the baby would have to be provided with intensive care as the lungs have not fully developed.

The baby is still relatively small measuring 25 cm from the top of the head to the bottom and 38 cm including the legs. Its weight already exceeds one kilo but the baby will gain two and a half times more by the birth.

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