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29 weeks pregnant

The baby already has a 95% chance of survival if it had to leave the mother’s body in the week 28. Do not hesitate to continue with us with the next week.

29 weeks pregnant

The baby has entered a period of massive increase of weight. Boys will put on faster than girls.

Your body gets ready for delivery from the 29 week of pregnancy. Contractions of your womb appear more often.
It is possible that one of your breast starts to leak colostrum. This is the first nourishment for infants which is available earlier than mother’s milk. The baby is a little bit cramped in the womb. It could have already turned upside down but it might be in the upright position or even crosswise. Nearly one fifth of babies is in the upright position around the week 30.

What happens in the week 29?

The fetus makes fat reserves which maintains the body temperature after the birth. It is, however, tiny and skinny so far. Ridges and nerve connections develop in the brain.

Around 29 week of pregnancy , outer layers of the brain and its nerves are developed. The baby’s senses are fully functional. Her pupils react to light. The baby hears, touches and percepts tastes.

The taste buds of the baby have limited possibilities as the only thing to taste in the womb is the amniotic fluid. The baby drinks a lot of the fluid and therefore occasional hiccups. The rhythm of the breath of the fetus is gradually more regular.

Week 29 is over

The baby measures approximately 26 cm form the top of the head to the bottom and 39 cm to the feet in the 29th week of pregnancy. Its weight is around 1200 grams. No wonder that your womb pushes on the bladder and therefore you need to urinate very often day and night. Yet keep the drinking regime. Sleeping is no longer that comfortable not even because of the often need to urinate. Your belly is also too big, the womb measures 29 cm from the pubic bone to the top. It is necessary to find a suitable position for sleeping.

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