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30 weeks pregnant

The baby has entered a period of massive increase of weight, this was mentioned in the 29. part of “pregnancy week by week” . Dear moms, there are last ten weeks in front of us.

30 weeks pregnant

Eight to twelve weeks left to the delivery. It is normally ten weeks to the due date, but the baby can come sooner or with a slight delay. Maybe you would appreciate to have the pregnancy already over because you feel clumsy, but it is still very soon. It makes you feel clumsy. These thoughts, however, help your body and mind get ready for the birth. The baby also gets ready, in particular, through creation of fat reserves. It is highly devoted to this activity.

You are about to take another ultrasound examination during the 30 week of pregnancy or the following 14 days. The doctor examines growth of the fetus, determine the location of the placenta and amount of the amniotic fluid and how the organs of the fetus developed.

What happens in the week 30?

The baby is already upside down in the 30 week of pregnancy. But there is no reason to panic if it does not. The baby is very active, it trains palmar grasp reflex and sucking reflex. It moves with legs and hands with considerable strength. Nails on the hands already grow to the edges but not yet on the feet.

Creation of blood cells in the spleen subsides gradually because the bone marrow begins to develop there. The lanugo slowly falls off but hair on the head remains.

Week 30 is over

You may have already removed laced shoes as to bend to them several times a day is no longer comfortable. The skin on your belly is stretched and it sometimes itches.

You may have gained over 10 kilos or even more and there are still a couple of weeks left. When getting up, you need to turn on the side first and then to sit.

The baby measures 27 cm from the top of the head to the bottom and 40 cm to its feet. It weights roughly 1400 grams. If the baby was born in the week 30 it would be able to keep its bodily temperature.

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