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32 weeks pregnant

We have revealed that there is 1 litre of the amniotic fluid where your baby moves inside your belly in the week 31. It may seem that the baby is a little bit crumpled inside your belly so come and read with us whether it is really true.

32 weeks pregnant

You may start the maternity leave this week or in the following 14 days, i.e. 6 to 8 weeks before the delivery.
You are obviously already quite glad that you don’t have to work, your plumpness is already very uncomfortable which you feel the most when you go to bed.

In addition, you should get ready all the stuff for the baby, organize things to the hospital, but above all it is necessary to take as much rest as possible. Devote your free time to yourself and your friends, your hobbies (safe ones), because you will not have time for it in a couple of the following weeks.

What happens in the week 32?

The baby’s body grows and it stores more fat. She’s nice and pink and already quite plump. Her skeleton strengthens. On the place of future nipples there is just a small depression where milk glands lead. Your greatly enlarged womb pushes up your abdominal organs and presses on them.

The baby begins to be quite cramped in the belly in the 32. week of pregnancy so it no longer moves that intensively. It can sleep up to 95% of the time. If the baby is awake, at least one hour a day, you should feel its movements at least ten times. His body is covered with a fairly thick layer of vernix.

Week 32 is over

The baby’s body already has the proportions of a newborn baby. It measures 29 cm from the top of the head to the bottom and 43 cm with the legs that are still crossed. Only 10 last cm remain to reach the ideal birth measure. The fetus weights around 1.8 kg in the 32. week of pregnancy. The top of your womb is approximately about half the distance between the navel and the bottom edge of the pubic bone.

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