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33 weeks pregnant

We have reminded you the arrangements for the child’s welfare in the previous 32. part of “pregnancy week by week”. Read what happens in the week 33.

33 weeks pregnant

You go for regular checkups to the doctor. Besides your personal weight, he also checks your blood pressure, urine and swellings. In addition, the doctor monitors dilation and the cervix.

Your belly bottom may already stand out and you have gained around 13 kilos on your weight by the week 33. But don’t be scared, you will no longer gain than much on your weight. You can deduct 3 – 4 kilos for the baby, the placenta, the amniotic fluid and the amniotic sac after the birth. The increased weight is also caused by higher level of blood and water in your body and also by growing breasts and the womb.

What happens in the week 33?

The baby has a steady position in the womb in the week 33. However, even if it is in the upright position, there is still a possibility that it will rotate. It is mainly focused on the storing of bodily fat and sufficient amount of surfactant. Bones grow stronger. You should therefore include enough food rich in calcium such as milk and yogurt. Correct nutrition in pregnancy is important for both you and your baby, so pay high attention to what you eat in pregnancy.

The baby tries to focus its sight on nearby objects. It will not find colourful toys in the womb so it has to make use of its own limbs and the umbilical cord.

Week 33 is over

The baby measures 30 cm from the top of the head to the bottom and 44 cm including the legs. It weighs about two kilograms. Your womb is 33 cm long from the pubic bone to its top, which corresponds to the number of weeks of your pregnancy. If the baby was born at the end of this week, it would be able to breathe on its own. However, the baby would be put into the care of specialists for sure.

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