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34 weeks pregnant

In the previous part “pregnancy week by week” we revealed that the baby already has a steady position in the womb. How much space does the baby have in the belly? Learn in the next par today.

34 weeks pregnant

So are you getting ready? I think you should. Only six weeks left until the regular due date. If the baby was born in 2 weeks time the doctors will consider it carried to term. In case you have not managed to do all necessary arrangements, you should really do so now. This include a selection of a hospital where you plan to deliver.

Choose the one that accommodates needs of both and and has appropriate procedures for the baby. Check out all the possibilities and offers. Maybe some will offer a personal birth plan, which helps you arrange the birth exactly according to your wish and needs. This will also help you prepare all the stuff that you need in the hospital because each facility has different regulations.

Last but not least, you should choose a pediatrician who will care about your offspring in the future. It is also advisable to make an appointment with him/her even before the delivery.

What happens in the week 34?

It is quite possible that you will weekly gain 250 grams on your weight from the week 34. The baby grows and grows. Her skeleton develops at a rapid rate in this period. The baby no longer floats in the womb because there is not enough space. It sits with crossed legs. Her movements are strong and noticeable over the belly. It moves less, but sometimes it is more active. In case the baby does not move at all for more days, contact your doctor. The baby should be turned upside down in the week 36 week and if not, the doctor may recommend to turn the baby. This would, however, be performed by a specialist.

Week 34 is over

The lungs should be completely ripen by the end of the week 34.
If the baby was born in the 34th week of pregnancy, it is possible that it would not need to be placed on a critical care unit.

Your baby measures 32 cm from the top of the head to the bottom and 45 cm together with the legs. We’re talking about an average. Some kids are born this long in term, it depends on their predispositions. Small parents will not have a giant and tall parents are likely to have a tall baby. The baby now weighs about 2.2 kg. You mostly suffer from tiredness, disturbed sleep, frequent urination and hardening of the abdomen. The belly can obstruct in a way.

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