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35 weeks pregnant

The baby grows more and more and its movements are strong and noticeable over the belly. You can read more in the 34. part of “pregnancy week by week.” Come and sit back to the next part.

35 weeks pregnant

You are tired. Maybe you already want to give the birth. It is a quite common feeling. Your womb is the highest, more than through the entire pregnancy in the week 35. The baby is crammed in your belly which causes you breathing difficulties. It seems that you cannot take a breath properly even though you take rest.

You sometimes need to stop and take a rest when walking. You have heartburn. With the approaching birth your womb gets downwards which is a relief. The top of the womb is now at 35 cm, measured from the pubic bone.

What happens in the week 35?

The baby stores more fat, it puts on weight even a quarter of a kilogram per week while it grows at the same time. Most of the organs are already fully functional, they get ready for the work after the birth. The baby does not move that much as it is in quite cramped conditions in the week 35. The head is bent so that the chin touches the chest. Likewise, the back is not straightened and the limbs cannot be unfolded. The legs are crossed.

Week 35 is over

Some of you may have unusually large breasts. They may have even doubled since you are at the end of the pregnancy. It is advisable to wear a bra with wide straps over the night.

Airlines will not accept you on the board from the 36 week of pregnancy. It is generally not recommended to travel by plane in the third trimester as the pressure changes may cause pre-term birth or increased the risk of thrombosis.

The baby measures 33 cm from the top of the head and 46 cm including the legs in the week 35. It weighs about 2.5 kg but it will gain one more kilo until the birth. You have 11 – 14 kilos on the top.

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