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36 weeks pregnant

We avdiced to wear a bra with wide straps over the night which may ease your enlarged breasts in the 35 week of pregnancy. What is the condition of your body 4 weeks before the birth? Come and read about it with us!

36 weeks pregnant

Your body is swollen because of increasing level of bodily fluids. Your feet hurt and you have breathing difficulties. Maybe there is a strong pain in your pubis because of stretching tissues as your body gets ready for the delivery. These are common problems that appear at the end of pregnancy. I guess you go to checks to doctors weekly.

In the 36 week pregnancy, your gynecologist smears samples of vaginal mucosa in order to check for potential risk of Streptococcus which could infect the fetus during the birth.

The head of the baby is probably in the pubis and you can feel it pushing on your cervix when sitting.

What happens in the week 36?

The baby has stored amount of fat and so gained on weight. Subcutaneous fat tissues thickened. Lanugo, the first hair fell down, but hair, eyelashes and eyebrows grow. Bones of your baby are strong but flexible. Especially the skull must be ready for the birth. Sutures of the skull are not joined and may overlap during the birth. That is why some babies have narrower head after the birth, which, however, gets to normal quickly. Flexible skull will also allow growth of the brain after birth.

36 week is over

You apparently feel strong contractions of the womb in the week 36 but you still probably deal with irregular false contractions. Cervix shortens before the birth. The baby’s head descends into the pelvis in case this is a second or more delivery.

The baby measures 34 cm from the top of the head to the bottom, and 41 cm in total. The baby weighs about 2.7 kg and gains about 250 grams a week.

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