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37 weeks pregnant

The 36. part of the series “pregnancy week by week” told us that the head of the baby is probably in the pubis pushing on the cervix. We will advise you all the necessary things that you should buy for the baby.

37 weeks pregnant

Have you already prepared all the baby equipment? It can be assumed that you certainly have. You can give the birth next week even though your due date is in 3 weeks time. So the set of the baby clothes has been washed in a special laundry detergent.

If you buy new things and if you are rather not parents of a smallish stature, do not really buy baby clothes of the smallest sizes. You could not make use of them at all. On the other hand, you will certainly need bigger bodysuits and rompers.

What happens in the week 37?

The baby gets more fat. You may have a feeling that the last couple of weeks are the same. And in fact, it is so. The baby focuses mainly on storing of subcutaneous fat. It will gain a half of a kilo more until the birth. The nipples are already well defined and are roughly the same size for boys and girls.

Week 37 is over

In case it has not happened so far, the womb gets downwards and the baby’s head settles in the pelvis which allows you to breath more freely in the 37. week of pregnancy. If the baby was born now there would be probably no complications.

The baby is fully developed at the end of the 37 week of pregnancy. Her body together with the head measures about 35 cm and 48 cm including the legs. It weights nearly 3 kilos.

Some babies are exceptionally already bigger and heavier. It is usually predisposed. It is entirely possible that you have stopped gaining on weight now.

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