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38 weeks pregnant

Have you already prepared all the baby equipment? If not, and you do not even know, read the previous part 37. of the series “pregnancy week by week.” The birth is coming, so dear mums, take rest and read the next part of our series.

38 weeks pregnant

Have some rest an relax. Sleep as much you can. However, it is not necessary to dwell at home all days. Walks in the nature can also charge you with positive energy, but do not leave on your own. Let your friend, mother or your partner to accompany you. And don’t forget a charged cell phone. The labour can start in every moment.

If colostrum leaks from your breast, it is quite common. It may happen even at night. All you need to do is to use nursing pads. These are available in the drugstore. You will need them anyway in the hospital together with the maternity pads. Do not also forget to prepare all the documents that will be required before the delivery in the hospital.

What happens in the week 38?

The baby is completely ready for its birth in the 38 week of pregnancy. Most of lanugo, the first hair, disappeared. The baby is still covered in vernix which will help her go through dilation. Testes of the boys have descended into the scrotum and girls have already developed labia majora covering labia minora, which are the signs of maturity of the fetus. The baby’s gut is filled with meconium, the first stool that will come out after the birth.

Week 38 is over

The baby has frown again. It measures roughly a half of a metre and weights more than three kilograms. You also regularly visit the clinic where you will deliver. Doctors focus on your medical history and examine you. You will go here for examinations regularly until the birth. Your doctor will estimate how quickly is the birth coming by measuring dilation of the cervix. Your only wish is to have the birth already over.

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