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39 weeks pregnant

There was apparently no need to give advice to rest and relax, as even the most active women appreciate it at the end of pregnancy. Previous – 38. part of the series “pregnancy week by week” provided you with recommendation and advices. There is the last but one part of our series so feel free to read in case you are not on the way to the hospital!

39 weeks pregnant

The baby is pretty plump and ready to look around the world in the 39th week of pregnancy. You probably also don’t want nothing else. If you have to travel, for example to regular checkups, be highly careful about yourself. If you drive, which seems the best solution in many ways, do not believe in superstition that it is not safe to fasten the safety belt. On the contrary, it is a must to use it! However, put the seat belt under the enlarged belly, not over it. In case it seems too short, move the seat to the front if possible.

What happens in the week 39?

The baby is ready to look around the world. Its growth slows down and it gets ready for the birth. However, the nerve cells and nervous tissues still get mature.

This development will lasted even after the delivery. Your baby’s brain is mature enough to be able to control vital functions to ensure her survival. It has developed grasp and sucking reflexes. It could squeeze a finger.
Moreover, your hormones may cause the baby’s genitals to grow bigger in comparison to the other part of the body. It will get into normal after the birth.

Week 39 is over

The cervix is softer and thinner. It prepares to open so that the baby’s head could pass through easily at the delivery. The labour can start anytime. You can recognise the beginning of the birth by strong contractions and their regular repetition. Their intervals may be long at first and can gradually shorten. If it comes in ten to five-minute intervals you should rather head to the hospital. Do so even in case you start leaking the amniotic fluid. Do not hesitate to do so even in case you do not feel the baby’s movements, have bleeding or strong pains in your belly or double vision or your vision is unclear. The baby already measures approximately 51 cm and weighs 3.2 kg.

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