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40 weeks pregnant

So here it is, you may have already given birth while reading the 39 part but in case the baby is still in your belly do not hesitate to read the last part of our series pregnancy week by week.

40 weeks pregnant

Your time has come in the 40 week of pregnancy. Most of the pregnancies, however, does not end with delivery on the exact due date. That is only about five percent. You may have the baby for even two more weeks inside your belly. If it is not born spontaneously by that time, the doctors will decide for artificial stimulation of delivery.

What happens in the week 40?

The baby is fully developed, plump and with all characters of a mature fetus. When it is born, its vital functions will work independently.

You feel really awkward and tired in the 40 week of pregnancy. The fact that you do not sleep well also contributes to your overall condition. The big belly makes it difficult to find appropriate position for relax and the bad sleep is also caused by nervousness of your expectations.

If you want to speed up the birth, do not only sit at home. Having consulted with your doctor, go for walks, have a warm bath or make love in appropriate position with your partner.

Week 40 is over

If not already over, the birth is coming. But you are not obviously reading these lines. The baby weights 200 times more than in the week 12. In average, the baby measures 52 centimeters and weighs 3.4 kilogram. The weights and measures may differ, it depends on predispositions and progress of your pregnancy.

The first sign that your body prepares for the labor may be when the mucous plug, or the blood show, comes away. The cervix opens up and thins out. This is so called first stage of labour. It can take hours. The cervix shortens and the cervical dilation occur during the contractions. If this is your first labour, the period is longer than for the subsequent deliveries.

The second labour stage takes tens of minutes and requires high involvement of the women. The mother needs to push the baby out. The placenta comes away in about half an hour after the delivery which is the third stage of labour. The last stage occurs immediately after the expellation of the placenta, the womb is contracted and the blood vessels are strangulated.

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