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6 weeks pregnant

The 5. part “pregnancy week by week” described how the embryo originates and we recommended first visit of your gynecologist. Let’s see what happens next, in the week 6 of your pregnancy.

6 weeks pregnant

Dear expectant mother, a month has already passed since you conceived. If you no longer suffer from nausea and mood swing, you can get prepared for them.

If the nausea is not too serious when you vomit, you might have put on your weight a little bit, clothes seem tight. Maybe your old bra is already too tight as well.

Maybe you also suffer from heartburn and blockage. You may not feel well when smelling various sorts of smells, you are much more sensitive now.

What happens in the week 6?

Embryo grouws quickly in the 6th week of pregnancy ans it resembles a tadpole. It has already 2-4 millimeters. Digestive tract, lungs and bladder develop. It is until the 10th week of pregnancy when the basis is raised to all organs.

This week of pregnancy is a start of an extremely important period for the healthy development of both individual organs as well as the baby itself. All kinds of adverse effects may influence inborn defects during this part of pregnancy. Negative role is played besides drug use, smoking also by taking some kinds of medications and certain infectious diseases.

In the 6th week of pregnancy, the fourth week of development, the embryo changes its appearance. Germinal disc gradually reshapes into a cylindrical body.

The brain base grows, now taking the form of a pouch with a large cavity. The primitive digestive tube (gut) develops. Primitive eyes and inner ear appear for the first time and also the limb buds appear. The embryo is in the amniotic cavity surrounded by amniotic fluid from all sides. Umbilical cord connects the embryo with the primitive placenta.

Not yet fully developed, the heart pumps the blood around the embryo and the primitive placenta. His pulse can be measured on the ultrasound device, but the beating heart is not yet audible using a portable ultrasound device for listening of the heart.

Week 6 is over

At the end of the week 6 of pregnancy the embryo measures six to eight millimeters. It has already closed the neural tube. The number of vertebrae increased on about 30 pairs. The lower end of the bud is formed by a developmental tail.

A forehead hump with a shallow hole – a primitive oral cavity forms at the other end of the fetus. Right under the cavity in the area of the future neck there appear three rib bones and the origin of the heart underneath. Primitive gut develops. Dark-coloured eye buds appear on the head. The basis of the inner ear is forming behind the brain. The upper limbs begin to develop in the level of the heart. They rather look like small fins at first.

In the 6th week of pregnancy a woman may have already had the first ultrasound examination, which shows how the pregnancy goes.

A pregnant woman should not definitely delay the visit of the gynecologist, because it is necessary to do the blood tests in some cases.

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