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7 weeks pregnant

The 6. part of our series of pregnancy week by week described which organs begin to develop. Let’s continue with the week 7 today.

7 weeks pregnant

As a future mommy you can now feel more tired, you may feel dizzy when standing for a longer time or you can even faint. You need to take more rest, although reasonable activity helps to overcome the difficulties mentioned above. Your breasts may grow bigger as well as the nipples and the areola.

There appear bumps around the nipples, Glands of Montgomery. Nausea can continue as well as the frequent need to urinate in the following weeks. Favorite foods may not taste the same, things can smell different than before.

What happens in the week 7?

In the 7th week of pregnancy the fetus takes just a small part of the uterus. It is just floats in the amniotic fluid in the amniotic cavity by now. The head part of the embryo forms one half of its total lenght. The growth of the head is related to the rapid development of the brain.

The shape of a human face and neck can be imagined with a large dose of fantasy. However, the brain origin and front head bump rapidly grow.

Rib bones created in the previous week make the basis for the lower jaw. The eye sports are still far away from each other. They are located on the sides of the future face. Hands grow to the lenght. What looks like fins in the week 6 rather looks like little paddles. The wrist is already visible.

Primitive segments, the future vertebra up to the developmental tail bud, develop. There will be 42 to 44 pair of them in total, however, some gradually extinguish again. Finally, only 34 pair will left which corresponds to the number of backbone vertebrae. The umbilical cord with umbilical blood vessels develops on the frontal side of the fetus.

Week 7 is over

The fetus has reached approximately the size of a coffee seed. The new bumps on the embryo indicate where the future legs of the baby will be. Similarly to the week 6, the limbs rather resemble little paddles now. Lower limbs are nearly one week delayed in their development in comparison with the upper limbs. This will be reflected in the further stages of the development. So called embriotic kidney develop and start working. However, the real ones come up later. The heart already pumps, but on the contrary the lungs have just stared development.

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