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8 weeks pregnant

In the last part of the pregnancy week by week, the embryo reached the size of a coffee seed. Let’s see how it changes in the 8th week of pregnancy.

8 weeks pregnant

There is a number of changes in progress in a body of a pregnant woman. The hormones work at full speed. Placenta is built. Future mothers may still suffer from nausea accompanied with tiredness, blockage and frequent urination. This is caused by gradually growing womb which pushes on the bladder. Pregnancy is accompanied not only with difficulties. Many women are pleased by thicker hair at this time.

What happens in week 8?

The embryo is now in the sixth week of development. In the 8th week of pregnancy, which is the last of the second lunar month of pregnancy, the embryo is of the size of a small bean. It measures 14-20 millimeters.

Nasal ducts, the origins of future nostrils are evident from the 8th week of pregnancy.

Origins of the eyes, still on sides of the head, have noticeable retina due to high concentration of pigment. A crest under the lower jaw marks the mouth and the chin is also formed. It is very small comparing to the rest of the other parts of the face. The ear canal is also already formed.

Week 8 is over

The front part of the trunk grows bigger. Small crests on future arms will transform into elbows very soon. Arms and forearms are well defined. At the end of the upper limbs, there appear four streaks – future fingers.

Lower limbs already have knees, thighs and ankle parts. Basics of leg fingers will be formed in the following week. Ultrasound experts may already recognize the heart valves.

The womb is grows bigger in the 8. week of pregnancy. The woman can suffer from cramps from time to time, especially in the area of the womb and underbelly.

These cramps are caused by stretching of tissues attached to the womb. In case these pains are accompanied with bleeding, it is necessary to contact the doctor immediately in order to exclude miscarriage. Colorless discharge is absolutely normal, even in case that it is stronger.

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