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9 weeks pregnant

The arm and forearm are well defined on the upper limbs, the knee is recognizable on the lower limbs. More about this was said in the last part of the pregnancy week by week series. We are starting the week 9 now.

9 weeks pregnant

3. lunar month begins. You don’t have to get rounder too much yet, but the belly slowly grows.

The pregnant who have put on more can notice a shift of center of mass. All future mothers will notice this change in the coming weeks. The womb can already be touched above the pubic bone.

Hair is either less or more greasy. So it is with your skin. It could be smoother than before pregnancy or, in most cases, there may occur various rashes and spots.

What happens in the week 9?

Your future baby is now in the seventh week of development and is roughly as large as an olive. It measures two to three centimeters and weighs just the same in grams. The head is significantly bigger comparing with the body. The crests in the face grow together, forming its basics.

The origins of the nostrils get closer to the center of the face, but their margins are still quite thick. The nose rises between them. The eyes move from the sides forward and get closer to each other. The mouth is broad.

Six bumps develop around the ear canal to form the auricle in the following week.

The small intestine grows to the length shaping into loops in the abdominal cavity. A relatively large basis of liver leads to straightening of the trunk which has been curled by now.

The limbs come through major changes in the 9th week of pregnancy. The streaks between the origins of the fingers get thinner. They are now joined together with thin interdigital webbing. The fingers of the lower limbs are at the beginning of their growth.

Week 9 is over

Movements of the future baby are already apparent on the ultrasound examination. It jumps, turns, twists and bends the legs. The mother, however, can not feel the movements yet.

The blood circulation of a pregnant women changes. The blood volume increases in the first trimester, which is very important for development of the child. Gradually, the blood level increased of fifty percent. The blood plasma volume also increases in comparison with the number of red blood cells.

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