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10 weeks pregnant

Movements of the future baby are already apparent on the ultrasound examination. It jumps, turns, twists and bends the legs but the mother can not feel the movements yet. This was described in the part 9 of the series pregnancy week by week.

10 weeks pregnant

The pregnant can proudly say that they bear a fruit of love inside in the 10th week of pregnancy. The expected child is officially called a fetus now. Some publications state that it is the 8th week of pregnancy when the embryo becomes a fetus.

The future baby grows inside you. This is the reason why women feel still hungry in this period. They should, however, prevent overeating. Mood swings may be on the daily order.

What happens in the week 10?

In the 10th week of pregnancy, the eighth week of fetal development, the head still represents about a half of the total length of the body. Its shape, however, starts changing – it gets rounder and straightens up. The face is already well recognizable but in comparison with the brain part is significantly smaller. The fetus already has clear human features. Originally a very wide mouth gets narrower. The eyes remain open, but basics of the eyelids are already developed. A simple ear lobe surrounds the ear canal. The area of the neck thins out and the body of the fetus straightens.

A common opening of urinary and genital systems develops between the lower limbs from one of two orifices. External genital organs develop around it. The second orifice is the opening of the digestive tube.

Lower limbs fingers grow to the length but they gradually shorten and the webbing disappears. The toes which are stronger than the other fingers are recognizable. Cartilaginous origins of the future bones develop inside the limbs and muscles also begin to develop. The delay in the development of the lower limbs is still visible, but the little fingers are partly separated. The heart is fully developed.

Week 10 is over

At the end of the 10th week of pregnancy, all important internal and external organs are originated. The fetus has all distinct human features. The internal organs develop in specific female and male ones. The sex of your baby, however, can not be determined yet, even if it was given at the conception.

During the 8th week of development, the 10th week of pregnancy, the developmental tail reduces and it nearly disappears at the end of the week.

The fetus is about 23 millimeters long, it is measured from the top of the head to the end of the trunk – bottom now.

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