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14 weeks pregnant

We happened to be at the end of the first trimester in the 13. part “pregnancy week by week.” The fetus has developed suction, swallowing and respiratory reflexes, but would not be able to survive outside the body as its organs are not fully working yet. Let’s see the development in the course of the 14th week of pregnancy.

14 weeks pregnant

Week 14 is the beginning of the second trimester which lasts until the week 27. Maybe you feel that your energy returned again.

Problems accompanying the beginning of pregnancy have faded away due to balanced level of hormones. Even though your belly slowly grows, you have not put on that much so far so you do not need to feel like a clumsy hippo.

You could already prefer maternity clothing rather then tight-fitting models. Some of you still have problems with annoying bleeding gums when brushing your teeth. Indeed, a visit of the dentist is a must in pregnancy.

What happens in the week 14?

Upper limbs grow very fast to reach the right proportion to other parts of the body in the 3rd month of pregnancy. The legs are a little delayed with growth, they are short. However they are slim as well as the arms.

Lanugo, very fine hair that disappear after the birth starts growing on the whole surface of the body.

The baby floats in the amniotic fluid in the 14th week of pregnancy. The fluid is inhaled and exhaled by the fetus. The bones in her arms, legs, rib cage and skull develop – the whole skeleton develops.

Week 14 is over

The baby is more than 10 cm long at the end of the week 14. It is approximately as big as a clenched fist. It weighs about 30 grams. Sex organs continue in development. It could be, however, still difficult for doctors to determine the sex of the baby.

The womb can be touched higher above the pubic bone, closer to the navel. There may appear more pregnancy problems with growth of the womb, such as hemorrhoids.
A black line – linea negra may appear on the skin from the navel downwards. It is rather dark ping or brown on light skin.

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