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12 weeks pregnant

The head of the fetus is still very big, there are gradually formed the origins of the skull. We described more in our 11. part of “pregnancy week by week.” You are about to read a lot of additional information about the twelfth week of pregnancy today.

12 weeks pregnant

You can still feel a little tired as a pregnant. Why not, you feed a member of the next generation. Your body gathers more fat especially on the hips, breasts and legs. The womb grows out of the pelvis. Your pregnancy gets more evident. The fetus resembles a human being for sure. It measures 6 to 7 cm and weighs more than 10 grams. Tiny little baby sometimes sucks its thumb. The heartbeatig of the fetus can be listened using a portable ultrasound device.

What happens in the week 12?

The facial features of the baby soften. The ridge of the nose has lifted up, chin is also well defined. The forehead bulges. The auricles are also developed and roughly located at the level of the chin.

Doctors use ultrasound to detect potential deviation e.g. Down syndrome in the 12th week of pregnancy.

There are still cavities in the brain but the neck is already thin and smooth. The spine composed of vertebrae is already well recognizable.

Week 12 is over

Doctors can already exactly determine your due date in the 10th week of fetal development.The deciding factor is the size of the fetus. On the other hand, it is nearly impossible to determine the sex of the child, even if the sexual organs gradually differ. The external organs of the unborn boys grow faster. Unlike the girls, the boys sexual bump, the future penis, grows into the length.
The fetus has already developed reflexes and can feel pain in the 12th week of pregnancy. Digestive tract of the fetus can absorb sugars. Pituitary glands, hypophysis, starts producing hormones.
At the end of the 12 week of pregnancy, the organs of the baby are fully developed and will only grow from now. The critical period for inborn defects is at its end.

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