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13 weeks pregnant

Earlier in the last part of the series “pregnancy week by week” we revealed that doctors are already able to exactly determine your due date. Let’s learn with us what is the progress of the 13. week of pregnancy.

13 weeks pregnant

It starts to be apparent that you are pregnant at this time, the first trimester ends. We do no even have to hint to the smarter.

Protruding belly, the absence of alcoholic beverages and the last cigarette in your hand two months ago usually help to determine the correct “diagnosis.” Your belly will be soon bigger and that you expect a new family member will be gradually clear even to the less bright.

You can slowly consider changing your wardrobe around the 13th week of pregnancy. Narrow pants are no longer comfortable and it is good idea to take a look for something different Not very becoming but certainly practical maternity bib pants may not be the necessity for now. Pants and skirts with elastic waist are also very comfortable. You will appreciate them even if you could have put on just one or two kilos. You can also get more ideas in the section “Maternity fashion and clothing.”

Nausea should be just a bad memory for most women in the 13th week of pregnancy, however, it can persist until the birth in some cases. Hormone levels are still high but already stable.

What happens in the week 13?

Your baby grows fast in length. The head grows as well, but it grows slowlier in comparison with the rest of the body as it grew significantly in the previous weeks. The baby measures 7cm from the top of the head to the bottom and weights about 20 grams. The eyes are covered by upper and lower eyelids and will open up after 37. week of pregnancy. The foundations of the first milk teeth are hiding in the mouth under the gums. Blood cells are formed in the livers or even in the spleen.

Week 13 is over

1. trimester of pregnancy finishes. The fetus is ready for growth. It has developed suction, swallowing and respiratory reflexes. The baby would not survive outside your body as the organs are not fully functional yet. All necessary hormones were created by the ovaries of the pregnant woman but since now the important function will be taken over by the placenta which produces the needed progesterone.

Some of you have already had a special ultrasound examination which revealed the potential risk of Down syndrome or Trisomy 18.

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