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15 weeks pregnant

We started the second trimester which will last until 27. week of pregnancy. It has already been mentioned in the last, 14.part of “pregnancy week by week” . What’s going on with you and the baby in the belly will be revealed today.

15 weeks pregnant

Your heart is really a powerful pump. Much more blood circulates in your body than before. Due to this you look very good and some say that you even bosom.

The nausea subsided, but they can return if you get tired or get hungry a lot. But be also careful about overeating. Moderation is important in the 15th week of pregnancy like never before.

However, you are not fragile that much so you can do the things that attracted you in the past three months but you were too tired for them. Keep in mind your safety and health of the baby. Remember also another thing. In the following weeks, your body will start changing quickly. Be ready for gaining weight. Your movements will be neither easy nor graceful. So if you want to enjoy a vacation for example, it is the right moment now.

What happens in the week 15?

There continues a rapid growth of the body of your baby. The brain still develops, being covered by a thin layer of gray substance. The skin on the head is gets covered with hair and there are first eyelashes on the joined eyelids. Although the eyes are still situated quite far from each other.

The entire fetus is covered with skin, which is still very thin and almost transparent. There are visible the blood vessels underneath. In the 15th week of pregnancy, there also begin to appear the first cells with contents of the pigment, which affects the skin color in the future. Lanugo, the fine hair, covers the whole body now. Calcium stores in the bones of the unborn baby at the moment.

Week 15 is over

The amniotic fluid in the womb increases its volume. The child gains weight and grows. It is about 10 cm long from the top of the head to the bottom and weights about 50 grams this week. It is not so surprising that your belly grows. The baby rolls and loops. The movements will resemble of a slow aerobic soon, because the baby exercises its hands and legs. But you still cannot feel the child’s movements.

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