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16 weeks pregnant

The amniotic fluid increases on volume in the womb and the child gains weight and grows. This was described in the 15. part of the series “pregnancy week by week.” How big is a baby at the end of the 16. week of pregnancy and how are you at that time? It will be revealed in the next part.

16 weeks pregnant

Your baby has grown inside you for whole 14 weeks. Initially, you did not even notice your pregnancy and much less your nearest. Everything gradually changes though. Every day reminds you of a growing belly, at least at the moment when you decide what maternity clothes you will put on. Likewise, you can already reckon with the fact that you will be asked about your condition even by people who do not need to care about your privacy. But you take it all surprisingly easy.

You are on the top of your strenght, both emotionally and physically. Your body has already got used to the baby. So cheer up, straighten your back and don’t forget that more than ever before will you appreciate comfortable and stylish shoes in the coming weeks.

They could maybe often attract unwanted attention from your belly, but what is more important, they will provide your feed with proper comfort and support. In fact, your feet will increasingly suffer with the growing weight. After all, just your womb weights about a quarter of a kilogram, you have more amniotic fluid and blood so it is not surprising that you put on and this will not stop until the end of your pregnancy.

What happens in the week 16?

In comparison with the body, the head is already smaller even if it also grows. The unborn baby lively moves in the amniotic fluid.

All of his joints are functional, fingers on the hands and legs are also movable. Nails already grow on the legs. The baby sometimes sucks its thumb. All movements are well recognizable on the ultrasound.

At this time, it is already possible to determine whether its a boy or a girl. Nevertheless, the future heirs not always cooperate with the doctor and show up their sex organs.

Week 16 is over

At the end of the 16th week of pregnancy, the fetus measures more than 10 cm. It weighs roughly like a roll. Your womb has grown, it is possible to touch it two centimeters above the pubic bone. There is approximately 200 ml of amniotic fluid in your womb.

In the 16th week of pregnancy, you seem to have already passed the examination of blood, the Triple test (TT). This shows amount of three hormones, which may sign a genetic disorder. In case the result is unclear or negative, the doctor may recommend sampling of the amniotic fluid, which may confirm the results, but they are in most cases disproven.

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