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17 weeks pregnant

16. part of our series “pregnancy week by week” got us acquainted with the fact that In comparison with the body, the head is already smaller even if it also grows. The week 17 is coming!

17 weeks pregnant

We are gradually approaching the half of your pregnancy. You may have already had to change the size of the bra and now it may seem small once again. Veins under the skin of your breasts are now more visible and the areoli darkened. Changes tend to be more significant in the first pregnancy, the role is also played by your weight changes.

It is quite possible that you have already gained more than five kilos. Therefore, pay high attention to taking care of your skin not only in the area of the chest and use a cream that fits you well.

If your underwear makes you feel uncomfortable, just change it. This does not mean, however, that it is farewell with your favourite underwear forever. It is highly possible that you will get back to your regular size again after the delivery.

What happens in the week 17?

The legs of your baby grow fast in the 17th week of pregnancy. As far as the proportions are concerned, the fetus finally looks like a miniature of a baby that will be born in a time. The baby exercises its little hands and legs, they often move. Gradually, muscles that allow the movements get stronger.

The kidneys secrete urine. A baby empties into the amniotic fluid after three quarters of an hour. The tiny heart is pumping roughly two times faster than the mother ‘s. The baby begins to store fat in the 17th week of pregnancy.

Week 17 is over

The baby measures approximately the same as an open palm, 12 cm from the top of the head to the bottom. However, there also grows the placenta and your womb inside you. It can be touched roughly 5 cm under the navel. The belly gets rounded. You may have noticed the first movements of the baby. If not, there is no need to worry, most of them are imperceptible and you will feel them stronger in the following weeks.

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