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18 weeks pregnant

It is possible that you have put on more than five kilos, but that has already passed as we also described in the 17. part of “pregnancy week by week” . Dear ladies, be ready for your personal weight to go crazy from now.

18 weeks pregnant

No, you probably do not need to claim your weight. It is likely that you will put on a half of a kilo a week from the 18. week of pregnancy.

Your belly and especially what is hidden inside will grow. Skin care is therefore highly important. Use a cream as much as possible.

Those of you that gain on weight more, focus not only on the area of your belly, but also on the breasts, buttocks, hips or thighs in order to prevent or at least reduce the formation of stretch marks. There is a huge amount of suitable products on the market so take some time to check the offer in a drugstore.

What happens in the week 18?

The baby is still misses a sufficient layer of fat but it slowly creates it. It grows much slowlier from 17. week of pregnancy in comparison with the previous hectic period. The skin is still thin and covered with lanugo. Strong bones are gradually developed. The celebral cortegs creates in the brain of the baby.

The baby actively moves in the week 18. Your womb is a kind of gym offering enough space for the baby. It can only be observed on the ultrasound, most women cannot feel the movements yet. If you are a primipara, bearing the first offspring, you can definitely not recognize the movements.

Week 18 is over

Some experts claim that the baby is able to do various grimaces in the 18th week of pregnancy. What is certain, the joints on arms and legs are already well defined. In the middle ear, ossicles begin to transfer the sound, and so the fetus begins to hear. The first sound that is perceived is the mother’s voice and beating of her heart.

You can start listening to pleasant music out loud but be careful, the baby may be startled of sudden loud sound. You don’t need to worry to communicate with your unborn baby, talk to it or sign, no matter if out of tune.

In case this is your second pregnancy you may already feel the first movements of the baby. It now measures about 13 cm from the top of the head to its bottom and weighs approximately as a small cup of yogurt, 150 g.

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