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19 weeks pregnant

That you virtually gain on weight from day to day was already mentioned in the 18. part of “pregnancy week by week. We will advise today what to do in order to ease your suffering body.

19 weeks pregnant

Your back will suffer more and more with increasing weight and changing center of gravity. The following recommendations will sound a bit strange as everybody urges to take rest as much as possible. If you have not started yet, start with exercises.

This does not mean, however, that you should go with your friends for a lesson of aerobics or kick-boxing. Don’t do this at any case. Look for suitable exercises for the pregnant in your surroundings. The needed information can certainly be found at your gynecologist. The exercises are also usually organized by various nursery centers, so you can check for suitable exercises there.

Those of you who prefer swimming and do not mind swimming pools may also be interested in aqua-aerobics which is usually organized even in smaller towns. This is a very good program for pregnant women in the water which lifts your body and so you do not feel the extra pounds. You will appreciate it especially in the third trimester. Before the start with any of the available activities, check well what equipment is required and whether you have to meet any conditions. In some cases you should get approval from your gynecologist.

What happens in the week 19?

Under the gums, the permanent teeth are originated under the milk teeth in the 19th week of pregnancy. There are already muscles that can contract. The baby can therefore move its lips, open and close the mouth. The skin on the surface of the body is already composed of all layers. Cells from the surface of the body gradually peel off and create so called vernix. It protects the soft and fine skin from the amniotic fluid.

Week 19 is over

Your belly has rounded, the womb now reaches approximately half the distance between the navel and the pubic symphysis at the end of the 19th week. The head makes approximately one third of the total lenght of the fetus. The baby now measures 14 cm from the top of the head to its bottom. It weights around two hundred grams.

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