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21 weeks pregnant

Do you already know sex of your baby? The gynecologist may reveal if you are expecting a girl or a boy around 20. week of pregnancy. This was mentioned in the 20. part “pregnancy week by week.” The 21st week begins today.

21 weeks pregnant

You’ve certainly got used the regular checkups at the gynecologist starting with an indiscreet question “how much do you weigh?” Or maybe you are driven on the personal scales by the nurse stright away. So how many kilos up? Five, ten or even more?

This could be anything between four to eight kilograms around the 21st week of pregnancy. The average weight gain in pregnancy is around 12 kilograms, which is gradually reflected on the possibilities that your wardrobe offers.

What happens in the week 21?

The baby is approximately as big as the placenta which circulates more and more blood. The fetus does regular exercises of its whole body. It has plenty of space in the womb so far. It sleeps when it calms down from time to time.

The baby regularly changes the moments of sleep and the moments waking in the 21st week of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, it could be the other way round with your sleeping and waking. The baby is active while you sleep. Your movements rock the baby to sleep while you walk. You do not mind at the moment, but you might be unpleasantly surprise by a kick when you fall asleep in the third trimester.

The child’s heart beats so strongly that the doctor can hear it well using a stethoscope over your belly. The brain goes through important development. There develop the grey and white brain matters. The surface of the brain is still quite smooth. Nerve connections form.

The mucous membranes finish their development. The internal organs of the fetus ripen and their cells definitely take their places. The tongue of the baby as well as the sense of taste are well developed. The baby absorbs sugars from the amniotic fluid.

Week 21 is over

Maybe your navel pops out. Don’t worry, it is normal. Your womb already grows above the navel. Your body may also start to retain water so your hands and legs swell up as that you can put take off your rings only with difficulties. If the swelling is extreme and do not disappear even at night, do not hesitate to inform your doctor.

Other annoyances that may accompany you from around 20. week of pregnancy, are swollen veins in the rectum, hemorrhoids.

The baby has grown up again by about two centimeters. You may already know if you should buy blue or pink romper suits. However, you maybe not even have the idea that your baby girl has already developed a supply of eggs for entire lifetime.

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