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22 weeks pregnant

In the 21. part of “pregnancy week by week,” we claimed that it is quite common if your navel starts popping out.

The womb has already grown above the navel. The 22 week of pregnancy is in front of us, so take a seat with a bowl of fruit and plenty of water and read what this week will bring.

22 weeks pregnant

To be an average one is definitely not a dream of most of us. However, if you have already put on 4 kilos by now you belong to the average at least in terms of the pregnancy weight increase. Your belly is now clearly visible. In addition, the belly can start hardening or you may have cramps in your legs. So try eating apricots and magnesium in tablets after agreement with the doctor. Drink enough. Despite these annoyances, you should try to look good.

There is nothing more relaxing than a visit at the hairdresser or cosmetician. It will also not be easy to cut your leg nails in the coming weeks.

Your feet will suffer with increasing weight so this is also the high time to find a skillful pedicurist in case you have not done so yet.

What happens in the week 22?

The fetus already starts to look like a real baby. The face looks like a miniature of the future baby’s one. The baby has still closed eyes though. Hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are at their place. The iris originates in the eyes. It is not true that all babies are born with blue eyes. This does not apply especially for those with dark skin. Fingers on hands and feet have nails.

When awake, which now takes more timer, the baby listens to the sounds from around. The brain still grows in the 22 week pregnancy. There is created an increasing number of neural connections.

The liver begin producing enzymes. The fetus produces its own red blood cells which, however, do not last as long as those produced after the birth.

Week 22 is over

The inner ear of the fetus has already its adult size. The lungs begin to produce surfactant, a substance that helps the lungs to work by holding them stretched after each breath.

Around the 22 week, the baby’s sense of touch is developed. It examines all around, grabs for the umbilical cord and sucks its thumb.

The baby measures about 19 cm from the top of the head to the bottom. The legs are crossed and crouched. The baby weighs as a smaller pizza i.e. approximately 350 grams. However, it will put on weight nearly ten times more until the birth.

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