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23 weeks pregnant

In the 22. part of the series “pregnancy week by week” we described that the baby has developed sense of touch and that it examines everything around, grabs the umbilical cord and sucks its thumb. What happens with the baby and you in the week 23?

23 weeks pregnant

Your womb is in the middle of the sixth lunar month – 23. week of pregnancy. It is situated approximately 3 cm above the navel. There slowly “fold” your inner organs inside your abdominal cavity. The baby pushes on the stomach and ribs. Growing and pushing womb may cause not only hemorrhoids but also varicose veins in the lower limbs and in the area of genitals. So be careful, especially if you mostly sit at work.

You should stretch and do exercises every day each week of your pregnancy. Do not leave out daily walks and when you relax, put your feet up.

Loungers, which are sometimes used as garden furniture, are very comfortable for relaxing but you can also just support your feet with a cushion. If you’re predisposed to varicose veins due to increased body weight or due to inheritance, feel free to dress your compression stockings. You will thus avoid unattractive legs and future health problems that may even require a surgery.

What happens in the week 23?

The skin of the baby is gets gradually colored with pigment. Fat stores under the skin. Yet the baby is still rather red and full of wrinkles. In the gut of the fetus, the first stool cumulates to come out after the birth in the form of black or dark green mass. It is called meconium. It consists of particles of amniotic fluid, bile, and of gut cells.

The baby swallows amniotic fluid, which is then partially used in the bloodstream and then discharged by already functioning kidneys.

Around twenty-third week of pregnancy there is an important development of the brain, therefore, it is necessary to take care of your diet with emphasis on getting enough vitamins and unsaturated acids.

Week 23 is over

Your baby weighs like a small bag of rice, a half a kilogram. This is what you can already imagine. The baby grew to the lenght of 27 to 29 cm from the to of head to its feet. It looks like a small doll. You have already got used to the baby’s movements. However, such a kick to the bladder without warning may unpleasantly surprise you by urine leakage. In addition, be ready for the first contractions from this time. This is a training of your womb for the labor. They are neither regular nor painful.

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