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24 weeks pregnant

Do you regularly go for walks, do exercises and stretching? If not and you are not really sure even how, then you haven’t read our 23. part of the series “pregnancy week by week” . Just read it carefully and then you can continue with the week 24.

24 weeks pregnant

Are you troubled with a pain in your back, lower abdomen or lower back? Do you have heavy legs, blockage, do your gums bleed or do you feel dizzy when you lie at your back?

If you do not suffer from any of the ailments you are certainly an exception. All these difficulties may accompany you in the week 24 of your pregnancy.

Some of these troubles are caused by weight gain, increasing volume of body fluids, change of the center of gravity and increased deflection of the loins. Therefore, try to keep the body properly. Maybe you should sleep more on the side not to have the baby push on the lower hollow vein which brings the blood from the lower parts of your body to the heart. Should you have gained more than the average on weight, no stress, many women put on more than 20 kilos and lost them again easily after the delivery.

It is important not to eat for two but to eat high-quality food during your pregnancy. Have varied, healthy and balanced diet combined with reasonable exercises.

You should certainly not overeat, it might be worth considering reduction of treats and desserts or enormous consumption of sweet fizzy drinks.

What happens in the week 24?

The fetus almost looks like a baby in the 24th week of pregnancy. The facial development is nearly complete except for some details. There are originated taste buds on the tongue. The baby can already hear quite well. It recognizes the mother’s voice and may be pleased by listening to some kind of music.

The baby will quickly gain on its weight from the 24th week of pregnancy. Energy stocks will be stored in the form of fat under the skin. Although the baby is still thin and far away from images of plump babies in advertisements.

Week 24 is over

24. week of pregnancy is considered a breakthrough. A baby born now has a chance to survive. It could not, however, live without a special care for several moths but it would have the chance to survive. Unfortunately, the lungs are not still fully developed so the breathing would have to be secured by a special device and the final result could not be guaranteed. The baby measures 21 cm from the top of the head to the bottom, and 30 cm together with the legs. It weighs between 530 and 630 grams.

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