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Third trimester

28 weeks pregnant

Changes of your blood circulation in pregnancy were described in the 27. part of “pregnancy week by week.” Today, we are waiting for further interesting information. 28 weeks pregnant Maybe it has already happened to you. People let you sit in the public transport without asking. Your belly is so noticeable that you can already take advantage of the VIP ...

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29 weeks pregnant

The baby already has a 95% chance of survival if it had to leave the mother’s body in the week 28. Do not hesitate to continue with us with the next week. 29 weeks pregnant The baby has entered a period of massive increase of weight. Boys will put on faster than girls. Your body gets ready for delivery from ...

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30 weeks pregnant

The baby has entered a period of massive increase of weight, this was mentioned in the 29. part of “pregnancy week by week” . Dear moms, there are last ten weeks in front of us. 30 weeks pregnant Eight to twelve weeks left to the delivery. It is normally ten weeks to the due date, but the baby can come ...

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31 weeks pregnant

You may have already removed all your laced shoes and no wonder why, as 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy left and your belly grows bigger and bigger. You could have read more in the previous 30. part of “pregnancy week by week.” Let’s continue with the following part today. 31 weeks pregnant The baby has started to do “wrong.” ...

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32 weeks pregnant

We have revealed that there is 1 litre of the amniotic fluid where your baby moves inside your belly in the week 31. It may seem that the baby is a little bit crumpled inside your belly so come and read with us whether it is really true. 32 weeks pregnant You may start the maternity leave this week or ...

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