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1 week pregnant

We are opening the promised series with this article. As we have mentioned in Pregnancy week by week introduction, we do not want to publish any medical treatise. We want to inform expectant mothers about progress of pregnancy week by week in a intelligible way. 1 week pregnant You are not actually pregnant in the 1st week of pregnancy but ...

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2 weeks pregnant

We mentioned that you are not pregnant yet in the first part of the “Pregnancy week by week” series. The body actually just prepares conditions for successful development of your baby. In this part, we will briefly describe progress of the second week and you will learn about ovulation, fertilization and if you are already pregnant or not. 2 weeks ...

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3 weeks pregnant

In the 2. episode “pregnancy week by week,” we described ovulation and connection of the egg with the winning sperm of your partner. A new life and your pregnancy began. Our series will guide you through pregnancy week by week. 3 weeks pregnant You are pregnant. Single-celled egg has joined with your partner’s sperm in the ovary and you are ...

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4 weeks pregnant

The egg has been fertilized, moved into the uterine cavity and the germ of the baby is not older than seven days. It was described in the 3rd part of “pregnancy week by week” series . What happens inside your belly in the week 4 will be describe now. 4 weeks pregnant You should start regular menstruation this week. However, ...

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5 weeks pregnant

4. part “pregnancy week by week” described how the embryo burrowed into the uterine wall and grows bigger every day. Here we have the third week after fertilization, the beginning of the week 5 of your pregnancy. 5 weeks pregnant Menstruation has not appeared. You may have slightly swollen breasts, the areola darkens and you can even recognize the pigment ...

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