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6 weeks pregnant

The 5. part “pregnancy week by week” described how the embryo originates and we recommended first visit of your gynecologist. Let’s see what happens next, in the week 6 of your pregnancy. 6 weeks pregnant Dear expectant mother, a month has already passed since you conceived. If you no longer suffer from nausea and mood swing, you can get prepared ...

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7 weeks pregnant

The 6. part of our series of pregnancy week by week described which organs begin to develop. Let’s continue with the week 7 today. 7 weeks pregnant As a future mommy you can now feel more tired, you may feel dizzy when standing for a longer time or you can even faint. You need to take more rest, although reasonable ...

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8 weeks pregnant

In the last part of the pregnancy week by week, the embryo reached the size of a coffee seed. Let’s see how it changes in the 8th week of pregnancy. 8 weeks pregnant There is a number of changes in progress in a body of a pregnant woman. The hormones work at full speed. Placenta is built. Future mothers may ...

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9 weeks pregnant

The arm and forearm are well defined on the upper limbs, the knee is recognizable on the lower limbs. More about this was said in the last part of the pregnancy week by week series. We are starting the week 9 now. 9 weeks pregnant 3. lunar month begins. You don’t have to get rounder too much yet, but the ...

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