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12 weeks pregnant

The head of the fetus is still very big, there are gradually formed the origins of the skull. We described more in our 11. part of “pregnancy week by week.” You are about to read a lot of additional information about the twelfth week of pregnancy today. 12 weeks pregnant You can still feel a little tired as a pregnant. ...

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13 weeks pregnant

Earlier in the last part of the series “pregnancy week by week” we revealed that doctors are already able to exactly determine your due date. Let’s learn with us what is the progress of the 13. week of pregnancy. 13 weeks pregnant It starts to be apparent that you are pregnant at this time, the first trimester ends. We do ...

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14 weeks pregnant

We happened to be at the end of the first trimester in the 13. part “pregnancy week by week.” The fetus has developed suction, swallowing and respiratory reflexes, but would not be able to survive outside the body as its organs are not fully working yet. Let’s see the development in the course of the 14th week of pregnancy. 14 ...

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15 weeks pregnant

We started the second trimester which will last until 27. week of pregnancy. It has already been mentioned in the last, 14.part of “pregnancy week by week” . What’s going on with you and the baby in the belly will be revealed today. 15 weeks pregnant Your heart is really a powerful pump. Much more blood circulates in your body ...

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