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16 weeks pregnant

The amniotic fluid increases on volume in the womb and the child gains weight and grows. This was described in the 15. part of the series “pregnancy week by week.” How big is a baby at the end of the 16. week of pregnancy and how are you at that time? It will be revealed in the next part. 16 ...

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17 weeks pregnant

16. part of our series “pregnancy week by week” got us acquainted with the fact that In comparison with the body, the head is already smaller even if it also grows. The week 17 is coming! 17 weeks pregnant We are gradually approaching the half of your pregnancy. You may have already had to change the size of the bra ...

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18 weeks pregnant

It is possible that you have put on more than five kilos, but that has already passed as we also described in the 17. part of “pregnancy week by week” . Dear ladies, be ready for your personal weight to go crazy from now. 18 weeks pregnant No, you probably do not need to claim your weight. It is likely ...

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19 weeks pregnant

That you virtually gain on weight from day to day was already mentioned in the 18. part of “pregnancy week by week“. We will advise today what to do in order to ease your suffering body. 19 weeks pregnant Your back will suffer more and more with increasing weight and changing center of gravity. The following recommendations will sound a ...

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20 weeks pregnant

Dear future moms, in the previous 19th part of “pregnancy week by week” you were recommended pregnancy exercises. Read more recommendations today. 20 weeks pregnant You’re in the middle of your pregnancy. The time passes quickly, doesn’t it? So if you get scared that you have not prepared all the stuff yet, just take a minute, have your favourite non-alcoholic ...

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